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DBK Welcome and Mission

Downtown Brooklyn Young Adult Borough Centers (DBK YABC) is an evening academic program designed for young people who need some assistance on their road to graduation from high school.  There are two types of students who attend Downtown Brooklyn YABC: full time students, who only attend DBK in the evenings, and students who attend day school during the day and DBK in the evening (shared instruction).

DBK with BK QNS YABC and D79 logos

The mission of the Downtown Brooklyn YABC is to provide a safe welcoming environment that will be conducive to student success.  We will meet the needs of all of our students through positive supports and interventions.  Our staff is made up of motivated teachers, counselors and support staff who all share the student’s best interest at heart.  We will promote a culture of success in our classrooms and beyond.


At Downtown Brooklyn, we believe in success...and nothing less!!